Cancer In Young Adults ... Through Parents’ Eyes

Narratives & Stories

Kevin's story

Kevin was the youngest of three siblings and in his final year at High School in Cincinnati, Ohio when he was diagnosed with cancer. After completing intensive treatments of chemo and radiotherapy he left home for college. In her book ‘Finding a Way Out’ published by WestBow Press (December 2011) his mother Susan has written about the challenges this posed for Kevin and for the rest of the family.

Below is a synopsis of the book – ‘Finding a Way Out’ – written by Kevin’s mother about his cancer journey.

“Ten weeks after going through thirty-six rounds of radiation and four rounds of intensive, chemotherapy treatments, our author Susan Long Dineen’s eighteen-year-old son left for college. Having been with him during ninety-six doctor’s appointments and brief hospitalization stays, she questioned whether his immune system could withstand the rigors of college life. Kevin headed for an environment with carefree college students who were in much different places. Susan was not the least bit prepared for what unfolded after he departed for college. The story documents her personal journey and seeks to encourage others who may face a similar challenge as a parent of a teenager living through a traumatic experience like cancer. In addition to Susan’s story, Kevin shares his thoughts that provide insights from the mind of a teenager facing his greatest life challenge. “Cancer never affects just the individual with the diagnosis. It also involves family and friends. This true life story of a young man’s struggle to survive is told from his Mom’s perspective. Susan draws us in to share the anguish of patient and family, as well as healing on many levels.”

—Dr. Louis Schroder, MD; Kevin’s oncologist “Parents of adolescent, teenage, and young-adult children, dealing with cancer issues, will have more perspective after reading Finding a Way Out. Susan’s experiences with her son helped us with our son’s own cancer journey.”